On the top
of the piz la ila

The most unforgettable experience
to live in the heart of the Dolomites

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The throbbing heart of Alta Badia

For over fifty years, club Moritzino has been overlooking the Badia Valley from the height of 2100 meters of Piz La Ila. It’s here that, for fifty years, the throbbing heart  of the valley has been beating strong. The irresistible rhythms flow over the woods, pastures and mountain peaks of Alta Badia – an inevitable destination for all mountain lovers.

But if to excursions and rock climbing you prefer good food, then you should stop in our restaurant with terrace and wine bar, that offers the best of the local cuisine and wines.

... and in summer?

Seafood on the snows
of the Badia Valley

Close your eyes and open your senses wide to an extraordinary culinary experience. Delicate flavors of squid ink noodles, layed upon the velvety carpet of clams and scallop carpaccio, will interchange on your palate, enchanting it.



For nearly 50 years now, Moritzino has been considered as the trendiest locale in the Badia Valley. Noticeable for its unique position at a height of 2100 meters, as well as for its parties, it’s one of the most exclusive locales in South Tyrol.

Wine Bar
at high altitude

If you are seeking for a quiet corner to take refuge in, immerge yourselves in the peaceful atmosphere of our Wine Bar where you can savor a good drink and to recharge your energies with some snack. Do you feel tempted?

Piz la Ila

The heart of the Dolomites in real time

Watch in real time the spectacle of the Dolomites through the eyes of our webcams: an indiscreet look on the wonders of the mountains of Alta Badia

Audi is official partner of Alta Badia

Performance and sustainability in the heart of the Dolomites.

The spectacular landscapes of Alta Badia provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy the thrills of a driving experience that brings people closer to Italy’s stunning scenery, thanks to Audi’s most innovative models that combine innovation and sustainability and celebrate a new relationship between technology and nature.

To safeguard the riches of this region, a Unesco World Heritage Site, Audi is committed to introducing an increasingly sustainable range of cars by 2025: 30 models with high electrification, 20 of which will be totally electric.

Together with Audi e-tron, the first four-ringed zero-emission electric car, Audi has already introduced mobility solutions that combine efficiency and respect for the environment, leveraging alternative energy sources such as methane and diesel 2.0.

Discover the Audi summer events in Alta Badia


Bar and self-service for a fast snack


The hottest Après-Ski in the Badia Valley